Wheel, 15", 5x4.5 Bolt Pattern, 1946-1955, Jeepster, Station Wagon

646870 10lb

Just released, they are finally available!!!!!!!!!!!! New reproduction wheel for the 1948-1951 Jeepster and 1946-1955 2WD Station Wagon. These are the only wheels on the market that fit our stock Willys Overland hubcaps, these wheels include clips to hold the caps in place. We finally have a solution for customers with damaged wheels or those who do not have the originals wheels. Finding good used wheels has become almost impossile and these are a must for your restoration. These are only available at JeepsterMan. Please allow for 1-2 weeks process time, each wheel is machined. Sold individually. Specifications: Universal bolt pattern 5x4.5, 15x5 wheel. Fits:

1948-1951 Jeepster.

1946-1955 2WD Station Wagon.