TightSteer© Sector Shaft Tensioner, 1/2-20 Threads, 1954-1963, Pickup, Station Wagon, M38A1

200 1.0lb

Tired of that sloppy Ross steering box? Now there is a solution to reduce the freeplay in your steering box. This TightSteer© Section Shaft Tensioner uses a spring loaded point that replaces your worn out set screw. The spring loaded tensioner keeps constant pressure on the worm gear during rotation for reduced freeplay. This is also a complete bolt on solution, no modification. Simply remove your old set screw and replace with the TightSteer© Tensioner.

Fits: 1954-1964 Station Wagon

1954-1964 Pickup Truck.

1952-1957 M38A1.

Note: This is the 1/2-20 thread application