Dual Master Cylinder Conversion Kit, 1946-1964, Willys Station Wagon and Pickup Truck


Use this kit with our disc brake kit. This kit is an important safety upgrade that converts your braking system from a single reservoir to a dual reservoir sytem. This application can be used with disc or drum brakes. This premium kit includes a dual master cylinder for disc brakes, bracket mounting kit, mounting bolt kit, linkage fasteners, instructions, and a bench bleeder kit. The brackets are high strength steel and made in the USA. Fits:

1946-1964 Willys Station Wagon.

1946-1964 Willys Pickup Truck.  

Note: Kit does not come with new master cylinder rod you must reuse your orginal. You will need to run new brake lines to this master cylinder. Please state the type and year of vehicle in the notes, include if this is a disc/drum, drum/drum, or disc/disc application.