Sector Shaft Oil Seal, 7/8", 1941-1966, MB, CJ2A. CJ3A, CJ3B, CJ5, Station Wagon and Jeepster

927645 0.24lb

New Steering Gear Box Sector Shaft Oil Seal (1 required per vehicle)

New 7/8" diameter sector shaft oil seal.  Eliminates slop in your Ross steering gear. The best place to start when your steering is loose.

1941-1945 MB
19194191-1945 GPW
1946-1949 CJ-2A
1949-1953 CJ-3A
1953-1964 CJ-3B
1955-1966 CJ-5
1946-1951 Station Wagon with Planar Suspension
1948-1951 Jeepster

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