Jeepster Commando (1967-1971) and Jeep Commando (1972-1973)

The Jeepster Commando was revived with production in 1966 and 1967 was the first model year. Production of the Jeepster Commando ceased in 1971. The first model was the C101, which equated to a 101" wheel base. The F Head Hurricane straight 4 cylinder was standard while the new 160 horsepower Dauntless 225 V6 was optional and highly preferred. The majority of the Jeepster Commandos were offered with the Dauntless 225 and very few had the standard 4 cylinder. From 1967-1971 a total of 57,350 Jeepster Commandos were sold in the United States. There were several different Jeepster Commando models offered; the full length hardtop, convertible (8701 in the VIN), the pickup (half cab),  and the roadster which was a full length soft top.

In 1967 the convertible was actually referred to as the "Jeepster" and after 1967 the convertible picked up the full name "Jeepster Commando". Many people mis-identify their Jeepster Commando and believe it is a convertible when they actually are not. 8701 in the VIN number identifies if you have a true convertible. The convertible is the only model that has quarter windows behind the roll up window. The convertible also had the optional Continental package with a spare tire in the rear, stainless trim around the upper body line, and optional two tone paint. Deluxe interior was also offered which included texture on the inside of the doors.

In  1972 the Jeepster Commando was renamed to the Commando. Along with the name change the model was changed to the C104 for the 104" wheel base. In 1970 AMC bought Jeep from Kaiser. AMC brought a new line of engines and designing. AMC lengthened the Commando and now offered the 232/258 straight 6 and 304 V8. In doing so, the frame and front clip were lengthened and completely redesigned. Unfortunately, the redesign killed the sales and by 1973 the Jeep Commando was discontinued. 

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