Willys Pickup Truck, 1946-1964

The Willys Jeep Pickup Truck was a truck that was built from 1947-1964. Over 200,000 of these vehicles were produced. These vehicles were produced by Willys Overland and Kaiser in the United States. Initially the Willys Pickup Truck offered in a 1 ton four wheel drive option and the 2 wheel drive offered in 1949. The wheelbase was 118" and the models were the 2T and 4T. The Willys Pickup Truck was available as a pickup truck with bed, stake truck, chassis cab, or a bare chassis. From 1947-1949 the Willys Pickup Truck had a flat looking front end. By 1950 the Pickup Truck front end was completely redesigned and now offered the grille bars, pointed hood and fenders. This new model was called the 473. After, 1950 the 2 wheel drive option was also discontinued.  In 1953 the model name was changed again, this time to the 473 and signified 3 grille bars instead of 5 like the 475 model.

Initially the Willys Pickup truck was offered with the flat head 4 cylinder, 134 engine or L head. In 1951 the 134 Hurricane 4 cylinder, F head replaced the flat head and increased power from 63 hp to 72 hp. By 1954 there was finally a more powerful engine offered; the six cylinder 6-226 Super Hurricane but the 226 did not last long and was replaced in 1962 by the 6-230 Tornado Over Head Cam OHC engine. The Willys Pickup Truck was offered with the Borg Warner T-90 three speed manual and a Spicer 18 Transfer Case on 4WD models. The rear axle was either the Dana 53 or the Timken 51540 axle, the Dana 53 was standard. The front axle was the Dana 25. The common axle ration is a 5.38:1. 

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