Jeepster Commando And Jeep Commando Models

January 5 2023

Let's talk about some of the interesting models that our customers own that rolled off production lines in the late ‘60s and early ‘70s.

This was an interesting time for the company and the brand, as you'll see if you read through the post. There are things that Jeep and Willys owners might or might not know about based on what they know about the history of Knight Overland and everything else around these brands and their history.

Here are some fun facts:

Power Under the Hood

Many of the Commando designs came with a standard four-cylinder engine. But then there was the Dauntless 225 V6 optional engine: this, for example, was the heart of 1966 CJ and C101 models. It was compact, with what an expert might call a jeep-style flywheel, and it gave the Commando the muscle it needed.

What you'll find is that a lot of these models were shipped with the V6, because people wanted adequate power for off-roading and everything else.

By the Numbers

There were about 57,000 of these sold during the production run. Many were hardtops, and some were convertibles. The convertibles may come with specialized titles and other ways to show that they are a true convertible, and a prized possession of jeep people.

Continental Package

Owners of these vehicles could choose an optional ‘Continental’ package that provided for a spare tire on the rear of the vehicle. They also got stainless trim and two-tone paint.

That sort of paint job is something to think about if you're the owner of a Willys or Jeep with side panels that lend themselves to a customized ‘woody’ design or other two-tone paint job. Some of this is why people like to buy these vehicles and show them off – the striking contrast of the panels is a neat part of owning these antique vehicles. That might take some work, but it pays off.

Late to the Game

As the Commando was being rolled out, the Kaiser brand’s legacy was on its last legs.

In 1970, Kaiser sold out to AMC, and successive vehicles were produced under that company’s aegis. Some of the later ones have ‘Ford’ on the tailgate.

Our Shop

So what can you get from the Jeepsterman? You get all kinds of accessories and replacement parts for a wide selection of Willys, from these classic jeeps to mid-century vehicles, and some even a bit older. In other blog posts, we talk about both the military and civilian past of Willys and the Overland company, and the place that this brand has occupied in our lives.

It's all nice to learn - if you’re the owner of a Willys vehicle, you can come here for a one stop shop for everything you need to outfit your old Jeep correctly.

Check out the forums for what our customers have to say about owning and maintaining these vehicles: get the tips and tricks of the trade from others who, just like you, value the ownership of classic jeeps!


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