Jeepsterman new ownership 2018

I am happy to announce that Justjeepsters will be purchasing jeepstermaninc.   Jeepstermaninc will temporarily close Nov 16th and re-open the week of Dec 3rd under the ownership of Mark and John Vilbert.  We have a great business relationship and friendship with Mark and John going back 25 years plus.   They deal with the 1967-73 Jeepster and their operation is very similar to ours.  They will keep and operate justjeepsters along with jeepstermaninc as separate websites but same owners.  Here is a link about them from their current website:  


All of Jeepstermaninc inventory will be moved to their Festus MO location.  I know many of you have spoken to Mark or John already. They are keeping our jeepstermaninc name, website, and phone number as they are.  They will continue to offer all our products and services and fulfill our customer/supplier agreements with no major changes.  They should be answering the jeepstermaninc phone by Dec 3rd and processing orders by the end of that same week. 


From the moment we started discussing the possible purchase, we both realized they are the right people to carry on what our family has worked so hard to build over the years. When they visited us in September, I realized how much they love all the Jeep family lines and I saw their passion for our products.  They even rented a purple Jeep to drive while they were here.  They kept trying to buy my 49 jeepster (I'm keeping it).  They displayed great respect for our family and what we have accomplished and want it to continue.  I can remember when they built and named a Jeepster Commando after my mother.   Mark also mentioned how my dad would call him just to check on his son (John) while he was deployed in Iraq.  I am glad that Mark and John are taking this on. You can trust they will be good for our business and our customers/supplier relationships.  Of course, I will be in the background helping for a while and we will appreciate your patience during this transition.